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  • Whole Hog - Deposit

Whole Hog - Deposit


Heritage Breed Pork - Pasture raised, no antibiotics, no added hormones. Pasture Raised Heritage breed hogs have old-world genetics that date back hundreds of years — prized for their superior marbling and, in turn, superior juiciness, flavor and texture. Our pigs are raised in pastures that are part forest and part field and rotated to fresh areas often. Forest edge environments contain a wide variety of plants for pigs to forage, as well as shade on hot days. We target a 300 pound "on the hoof" live weight for our pigs. This then equates to a hanging weight of around 200 pounds and around 160 to 175 pounds of finished retail cuts of pork. We charge $640 per whole pig and will deliver the pig to our custom processor who will ensure the pig is processed exactly the way you want it. Processing cost vary depending on the selected cuts but average around $350 for a whole pig. You pay the processor directly and pick up your finished product directly from the processor as well.

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